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Barcelona Y Day Trips (About Us)

Barcelona Y Day Trips is an authorized local tour operator located in Barcelona, with years of experience in operating Day Tours And Day Trips from Barcelona for the main attractions of Barcelona, Catalonia, and Andorra.

We believe that each traveler’s interests are different from the others and to cover the all, we are always dedicating one tour guide and exclusive vehicle for each booking and all our tours and day trips are with hotel pick-up and drop-off.

In this way, we are more sure that your professional guide could listen to you well to find your interests better and customized your trip based on what you are looking for. Thanks to the exclusive mini-van that is assigned to each booking ( even for 2 guests ), most of our Barcelona day trips are quite faster. It makes it possible to access more unique touristic attractions that are in less accessible places and away from mass tourism. For example on the Barcelona to Andorra Day Trip, you have a chance to stop at many viewpoints as well as pass the tiny villages to touch the spots that are hidden from the crowds.

Hassle-free hotel pickup is provided for all tours and you can even request the pick-up from a specific location like the Cruise Port of Barcelona or the Airport of Barcelona (El-Prat), so having one day in Barcelona from the cruise ship is like one-stop shopping with us.

Our Recommendation for Choosing the right Day Trip For Your Group?

Did you know that there is one small country between the border of Spain and France and the name is Andorra? and did you know that you can visit this country and the French Pyrenees with one Day tour From Barcelona? So our first suggestion Always is Andorra From Barcelona Day Trip to be out of the crowds of the city, Crossing the Pyrenees, visiting whole the country of Andorra, and Explore the medieval Towns in Catalonia.

Or if you would like to also visit France and Andorra in one day trip our suggestion is Visit Three Countries Tour from Barcelona which you will visit part of south France also on this trip.

something short, Just half a day, Outside a city? For sure nothing else than the Montserrat Day Trip from Barcelona where you can visit the Mountian of Montserrat and the Medivieal Monastery there in just 5 hour tour from Barcelona.

What is your idea to visit a roman city that dated back to the first century and then have sightseeing in the scenic coastal line of Catalonia which is famous for its coves and cliffs (which has nothing less than the Amalfi coast in Italy)? So take Girona and Costa Brava Tour From Barcelona to enjoy all these in 9 hours.

Do you need more info For your Trip Planning?

How is the Weather in Barcelona in the Summer ?

The climate of Barcelona is Mediterranean, with mild winters and summers. So is perfect for Barcelona Day Trips and day tours all year round. In the summer the temperature is range between 21C (70F) to 35C (95F).

However, the best months for visiting Barcelona are from March to the end of October and these months are particularly attractive for a visit to the city and other attractions in the state of Catalonia.


Day trips from Barcelona in Winter

Montserrat, which is the name of the mountain range near Barcelona and hosted a monastery dating back to 1025, could be one of the best options for day trips from Barcelona in winter. It is indeed a mountain but the elevation is not high and you would not see any snow there, on the other side because in winter most of the days there is a little bit of breeze, so you would experience a very clear view of Montserrat mountain, monastery and even in some days the Pyrenees. So one of our recommendations for a day trip from Barcelona in winter, November, or December is half day tour Montserrat from Barcelona.

And about the temperature, the temperature in this mountain is not below 55 in the worst case and anyway having warm clothes is recommended on this tour.

Weekend trips from Barcelona ?

For sure in the State of Catalonia, which is situated between the Pyrenees mountain range and meditation see there are a lot of choices for weekend trips from Barcelona. But to know which is the best you should pay attention to traveling time and your travel interests.

For example, if you are looking for a place full of peace, in summer, we do not recommend going to beaches and our recommendation is Pyrenees mountain full of stunning views and cool breeze, visiting locals and tasting traditional Catalan dishes in heath of the nature. The day trip from Barcelona to Andorra could be the best match for this interest from March to November.

Anyway, the city of Girona could be always your destination, dost matter if it is summer or winter or weekend or not. You can visit Girona from Barcelona on one of the Girona half-day tours from Barcelona.

And if you are interested to visit Montserrat from Barcelona even with a private tour to Montserrat from Barcelona, we are not recommending the weekend because on the weekend it is very crowded.

Is it possible to have one Day Trip to Andorra from Barcelona ?

Day trips to Andorra from Barcelona always have been the best option even in winter.

Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, which is situated between the border of Spain and France with a lot of stunning views and could be another best option for one day trip from Barcelona. Andorra with the capital of ‘Andorra La Vella’ is the highest Capital in Europe and is suited in the valley of Andorra. The best way for having an Andorra day trip from Barcelona is to start the day trip from Barcelona, pass a border, and go to France, visit several mountain towns of France like Ax-Les-Thermes, and then cross Andorra from north to south. In this way, you are going to Andorra from the border of France and you are coming out from the border of Spain and this is the reason that our recommendation is to take the three-country tour from Barcelona and visit France, Andorra and Spain in one day.

Tips for Half day Trips from Barcelona

Half-day trips from Barcelona could be started in the early morning, mid-day, or afternoon and it is recommended to purchase a tour with free pick-up and drop-off service, otherwise, you should consider another 2 hours for your half-day trips from Barcelona.

for the early morning, you could have the option of Girona half day tour from Barcelona which is around 5 to 6 hours, for the mid-day departure our recommendation is half day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona and if you start at 10 am you have the chance to attend at boys choir performance of Montserrat and have enough time for visiting Santa Maria de Montserrat abbey.

In addition, for the afternoon, the best option again is half-day tour Montserrat from Barcelona in the afternoon and it is highly recommended because Montserrat abbey is much less crowded.

And always, anytime and any month a year, it is possible to visit the city of Barcelona with one of the Barcelona city tours.   You should note that the city of Barcelona has a lot to offer and they are not within walking distance of each other and on the other side, maybe you have visited some of them by the chance or because of your hotel location.

So the best idea for Barcelona city tour package is to have a tour with a comfortable car with the possibility to customize the itinerary and stops at each attraction.

Suggestions for One-day trip from Barcelona

In the province of Barcelona and the state of Catalonia, everything could be reached in one day trip and is depend that what you are looking for and how are your travel interests.

Girona, a roman city which is dated back to the first century, is a city which these days is famous because of the game of thrones and a city which still you can find a lot of roman architecture.

Costa brava is a beautiful coastline between France and Barcelona with a lot of stunning fishing villages and towns like figures, Tossa de mar, and CADAQUES.

For example, You can have Girona half day tour from Barcelona which is 5 hours tour or you can have a costa brava tour from Barcelona independently which is 5 hours but our recommendation is to have Girona and costa brava tour from Barcelona which you save a time and visit both a Girona and costa brava in one day from Barcelona.

Any Suggestion for One day in Barcelona from cruise ship ?

Are you coming on the cruise to Barcelona and are interested to visit Barcelona from a cruise ship while you are having a stop?

You should consider several factors before concluding what best is for you.

First, what time you are arriving and what time is the tour going to be started?

Usually, the time of the arrival of cruises is not matching most of the tour’s starting times, on the other side you have the hassle to reach to tour starting point from the cruise port of Barcelona, and the same for the back.

Therefore, the best idea for one day in Barcelona from a cruise ship is to find a tour that they are offering free pickup and drop-off. Be sure that they are covering pick-up from the cruise port because most of the tour operators in Barcelona could not offer pick-up and drop-off from the cruise port.

Or maybe you are having some luggage that is necessary to be with you while you are on a tour, in this case, you should also be sure that you bring your luggage with you into the car.

In most of the tours, we could offer pick-up and drop-off from the cruise port.

if you have around 4 to 6 hours our recommendation is to choose half day tour of Montserrat Barcelona, if you have 9 to 10 hours our recommendation is Girona and costa Brava tour from Barcelona, and if you have a complete day, our recommendation is three country tour from Barcelona to visit Spain, France, and Andorra in one day.

Is it Possible to Have pick-up and drop-off from cruise port of Barcelona or Barcelona Airport ?

All of our Barcelona Day Trips and Tours include hotel pick-up and drop-off from Barcelona. However, if you are on a limit for time and would like to have your one day in Barcelona on the cruise ship, it is possible and you should mention it in your request.