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Barcelona Y Day Trips is a local tour operator located in Barcelona, with years of experience in operating Private, Small Group Tours and Day Trips for the main attractions of Barcelona, Catalonia, and Andorra.
There is a letter “Y” in our name, but why this "Y" is part of our name?
It's actually very easy, if one a map, you connecting Barcelona to all the other attractions out of the Barcelona, you could see that you have a letter of Y on the map of Catalunia and that's why we are having a Y day trips from Barcelona.
Barcelona Y Day Trips - About Us
And here is more about us and how we are operating?
From the the beginning, We know that many travelers believed that “It Is Smarter to Travel in a Private Group” and here the cost is an important decision factor for them.
That is why we've just dedicated ourselves to developing different packages that each could be exclusive only for one group with a cost little bit more than small group tours and by this way, we have operated all our day trips, not like mass tourism but more personalized.
And then we focused on Comfort in Traveling and not luxury.
for providing this comfort, we have started to obtain all the necessary licenses to could offer pick-up from all possible locations in Barcelona, doesn't matter whether it is a Hotel on a pedestrian street in a heart of the City or is the Cruise port, or the airport of Barcelona.
Should be mentioned that Because a part of each Day Trip is “Transportation” between the locations, it is an obligation here in Spain that all transportation must be done with a vehicle with a Transportation License ( Vehicles with Blue Plate Number in the Back sode ), otherwise, it is against the law and the tour could be stopped anywhere by local authorities and travelers are not insured at all.
So it is a discipline for us that all our Day Trips should be done with a licensed vehicle and that's why our resources are limited and we are being sold out very fast.
And finally by having passionate local tour guides on board, we’ve made all of our day trips and tours as more authentic experience, to take you to the hidden gems and make you fall in love with the region.
Considering all these factors the small team here in Barcelona, kept us Top-Ranked on TripAdvisor ( 5 Stars ) and we are continuing to keep this.

All of our Day trips are less than a day and our highlighted day trips are:

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