Andorra Border

Andorra, a country that is suited between Spain and France has only two borders, Andorra and France border and Andorra and Spain Border .
In the Andorra there is not any airport and not any railway going to this country and the only way to visit this small country in Europe which is the 6th smallest country in Europe is just to driving to this country from Andorra Spain Border (La Seu d'Urgell) or Andorra France Border (El Pas de la Casa) .
Interesting to know that, Each year such a small country with a population of 80,000 thousands , they are receiving more than 8 million visitors by just these two Andorra border .

Andorra Border Control

When you are driving to Andorra from Spain or France, there is border control in Andorra Spain Border and Also Andorra France Border. It is always necessary to have your travel documents with yourself at the border that may be required.
Don’t forget that Andorra France border is located in one the highest points in Pyrenees and in winter time starting from November it is usually full of the snow and much colder than a city like Barcelona or Toulouse in the France.

Andorra Spain Border Crossing

In order to do the Andorra Spain border crossing you should drive to the city in northern part of Spain with a name of “La Seu d'Urgell” and then following a direction to “Andorra La Vella” which is capital of Andorra.
For Andorra Spain border, crossing you must have your travel documents with yourself that might be needed to be presented when you are crossing a border.
Also please remember that when you are leaving from Andorra to Spain, after border crossing there is custom control of Spain that you should declare all your buying’s like Alcoholic Drinks , Tobacco , Jewelries , Watches , cash and …
For example IT IS NOT ALLOWED to pass the Andorra Spain border or Andorra France border and have more than 1.5 liters of alcoholic drinks which contain more than 22% Alcohol .

Do I need a visa to pass Andorra Border ?

Because Andorra is not part of the Schengen Agreement yet , so it is necessary to pass through border control when travelling into or out of the country, either via Spain border or France border.
So In order to pass the Andorra France border or Andorra Spain Border you need to have Schengen Visa Already .

Is the Spain Andorra Border Open ?

Currently 09 September of 2021, The Andorran, Spanish and French authorities have taken no measures to close the borders and movement into the country.

Andorra Spain border COVID

Currently 09 September of 2021:

  • All the borders between Andorra and Spain and Andorra and France are open and there is not any restriction for border crossing because of COVID.
  • And any Tourists over 6 years of age who spend 3 or more nights in the country must have a vaccination, recovery or diagnosis certificate and deliver it to the tourist accommodation and / or show it to the public authority. Citizens of France, Spain and Portugal are exempt from having and / or showing said certificates.
    Also , when you are visiting Andorra and crossing the border, in order to the border crossing  and going to Spain or the France you should pay attention to the COVID entry requirement of these countries .


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