Andorra From Barcelona

Perhaps it is a question of many that are traveling to Barcelona and would like to visit Andorra from Barcelona.
Before having a plan for Andorra from Barcelona you should know that Andorra as the sixth smallest microstate in Europe is a country which is located on the border of Spain and France and there is not any airport in this country.
The nearest airport to Andorra is Barcelona El Prat Airport and from the French side is Toulouse Blagnac Airport perhaps in you are traveling to one of these cities that’s why you are thinking of visiting Andorra from Barcelona.
Or let’s say that depends on the time of year that you are traveling and how much you are ahead of your planning, most of the time, the best and most convenient way to visit Andorra is from Barcelona, thanks to the El Prat Airport with lots of the connections and cruise port of the Barcelona which is one of the main hubs in southern Europe.

Andorra from Barcelona?


Don't think about the train, because there is not any train going there and actually there is not any railway in this country,
No Airport also there,
So you should take the road and the best way to visit Andorra from Barcelona is by taking a tour.
Why Tour? because I could see that most of the travelers from Barcelona have limited free time there and for such a limited time it is very difficult for them to take any other option than the tour. Just imagine you should figure out everything like a visa, border control, costumes, insurance, itinerary, choosing the best road to go there depending on the time of year,.... )

One of the frequent tours that you can visit in the country of Andorra from Barcelona in 10 hours is Andorra Day Trip From Barcelona and it’s my pleasure to welcome you on this tour as most of the time, I as the author of this blog am the tour guide for this tour.

Andorra from Barcelona or Andorra From Toulouse?

Andorra From Toulouse is also like Andorra from Barcelona because even for Andorra from Toulouse you need to take a road and the best is booking a Tour if your time is limited in Toulouse.
Also, the time that you need for Anorra from Toulouse is the same as the time that you need for Andorra from Barcelona and both could be done in a day between 10 to 12 hours depending on the time that you need to spend for each activity.

Andorra from Barceona? How long does it take?

There is not one answer to this question, because the answer depends to :

  1. which road you are taking
  2. at what time you are starting from Barcelona
  3. on which day
  4. which month of a year
  5. and how is the border control on that day

For example, if you are starting from Barcelona at 8:00 in the morning on weekdays, that is the worst time for the start as you need more or less 30 minutes to come out from the city.
Or some days the inspection at the border is taking more than usual and that is completely a line and congestions there.
But the quick answer is if you go directly there, without any stop on a way, the Border of Andorra from Barcelona ( not the Capital Andorra La Vella ) is something between 2 hours 45 minutes to 3 hours and a half and you should consider the distance as 130 miles from Barcelona to capital of Andorra (Andorra La Vella)

Is it worth visiting Andorra?

To answer this question, let me tell you how could be your experience of vising Andorra and then you can find out whether is it worth or not.
Andorra From Barcelona
  1. In less than a day, you can add another country to the countries that you have visited,
  2. You are visiting Andorra, But the Pyrenees is included because Andorra is a country in the Pyrenees and for visiting this Andorra you should be in the Pyrenees.
  3. Spectacular viewpoints
  4. Andorra Is Extremely Clean and Beautiful
  5. Locals Are Welcoming
  6. a sort of the activities in winter and summer time, even if you are passing there and have limited time,
  7. a country with UNESCO World Heritage Site in
  8. a country with Romanesque Architecture in
  9. and in a duty-free country, are you interested in shopping?
So what is your idea? is it worth it?

Best time to visit Andorra?

I am a tour guide for Andorra the whole round year, and after visiting this country more than a couple of hundred times I can say that most travelers that would like to know and visit this country in one day, round the year, could be the best time to visit. Because doesn't matter which season we are located in, Andorra always has something to admire you because it is located on the top of the Pyrenees Mountain.
But if you would like to stay in Andorra for more than a day for winter activities, the best time is between December and to end of February.
And for the summer activities, the best time is from the end of the May to beginning of July.