Day Trips From Barcelona In Winter

Are You looking for a ideas for a Day trips from Barcelona in winter ?
First , you should know that, Winter in Barcelona is starting from late December and last to February . when we are talking about the winter we mean average temperature of 12C (54F) for nights and 20C (68F) during a day and on a average just 60 days we have rain in Barcelona in whole year and not any snow .
So it is not so serious.

Montserrat Day Trip From Barcelona

If you are looking for day trip in winter time the best recommendation is Montserrat Day Trip From Barcelona .
Montserrat, which is just outside the Barcelona, Montserrat is name of mountain range, which is famous for visit because of its rock formation and ancient monastery which is still active these days with over 80 monk and is there since year of 1025 !, could be one of the best options for day trips from Barcelona in winter.
For most people, it is essential to a visit to Montserrat for three main reasons. Firstly, it is, in itself, a Gothic building of architectural significance. Secondly, it is the home of Montserrat's masses and choral concerts. Thirdly, it houses what is arguably Montserrat's most important feature - the statue of the Black Madonna .
one day trip from Barcelona
It is true that it is mountain but the elevation is not high and you would not see any snow there , on the other side because in winter most of the days there is a little bit breeze , so you would experience very clear view of Montserrat mountain , monastery and even in some days Pyrenees . So one of the recommendation for a day trip from Barcelona in winter, November or December is half day tour Montserrat from Barcelona, .
And about the temperature, the temperature in this mountain is not below the 55 in worst case and anyway having the warm cloths is recommended on this tour.
In this Half Day Trip To Montserrat , you can experience the nature of this unique jagged mountain and the ancient Monastery hidden between the peaks. Get to know 'La Moreneta', the Black Madonna and her fascinating story and Learn all about the history of Montserrat and the Monastery.
And then , Visit the Local Farmers' Market. Try the fabulous regional products of Catalonia. Stroll through the Plaza de Santa Maria, where the Romanesque architecture of the Monastery and the Church of Santa Maria de Montserrat merge with the stones of the mountain’s peaks.

Girona Half Day Tour From Barcelona

Another idea for having a day trip from Barcelona in winter is Girona Half Day Tour From Barcelona to visit the city of the Girona .
Girona is located north of Barcelona , just half hour before the border with France and is one of the first cities that Romans established in 78BC . Girona Has a lot to offer. and will surprise you in its fusion between past and present times. Should be mentioned that this city these days is famous because of Game Of Thrones filming location was there. in Girona you Marvel at the colorful façades of the houses on the side of the Onyar River to walk to the Old Town of Girona . in the old town you are visiting the Call, one of the most well preserved Jewish neighbourhoods in Europe and cathedral Girona Continue your walking tour of Girona into the Old City Walls, dating back to roman times.
Girona and Costa Brava Tour from Barcelona
So for a one day trip from Barcelona You can book Girona half day tour from Barcelona , which is 5 hours tour and usually starting at 7 or 10 in the morning , or you can have book  Girona and costa brava tour from Barcelona which you are saving a time and visit both a Girona and costa brava in one day from Barcelona .
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