Driving in Spain Tips

If you are having a plan to do the Spain road trip by self-drive and fly drive holiday packages you should know some driving in Spain tips.
Aside the point that Spain driving is right handed there are others driving in Spain tips that you should be aware of them.
first is that if you are driving in the motorway or in Spanish Autopista and an overtaking car flashing it’s high beam light to you before overtaking , do not be angry . It is a law.
Another driving in Spain tips is indicating. When you are intending to overtake use indicator to show your interest to overtake, then after coming to the overtaking line, turn off your indicator and finally when you want to come back to your original line, use right hand indicator to come back to the main lane.
important driving in Spain tips is speed limit , speed limit in Spain is 50 Km per hour in the towns , in the road crossing the cities is 80 km per hour and in open roads is 90 to 100 Km per hour . All these limits are for normal car and if you are travelling with van, trailer or camper the limits are vary depend on your vehicle.
For your extra safety, pay attention to this driving in Spain tips and do not drink alcohol before you are driving. It is very risky as there are a lots of inspection gate in towns and your alcohol level count is very important to officers.
Another deriving in Spain tips is that you should not park illegally. You can park only in designated area and if you park in illegal place, your car would be immobilized. you can park in the parking’s in the area with white allocating on the road free and if you park in the area which is green or blue you should pay for the parking and after your parking you should get the ticket from nearby machine and put the ticket inside and behind the front glass easily be readable from outside.
In Spain, if you go to the road that their name would be started with AP it means that you should pay and the road has toll. for example from Barcelona to Valencia you can go through AP roads and pay around 40 euros or you can use normal national roads starting with A, B, C or N or any others which are free .this is another driving in Spain tips that is very important for those coming to Spain for road trip in Spain or for those that buying self-drive or fly drive holidays in Spain.
In Spain as a rule, you cannot talk with mobile phone when you are driving. However, you can talk with hand free devices and your hand should be totally free when you are taking with phone while driving. This is another driving in Spain tips that you should pay attention a lot because it is one of the main causes of most of the fines.
If you are driving in Spain, you should know how to refill a tank. Unleaded petrol, diesel and LPG are available in Spain. In Spain Unleaded petrol is gasoline sin plomo with green nozzles, diesel is gasóleo with a black nozzles and LPG is autogas.
In the case of emergencies you can call 112 . Actually, you can call 112 in any country in Europe and operator will connect you the emergency services on that country. Usually operators can talk with you in their native languages, English or French.
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