France Spain Border

Spain and France has a land border and they are neighbor to each other. The France and Spain border is about 656 km. Both of these countries are member of European Union and their currency is EURO as well as there is not any checking inspection and gate at France Spain borders. So if you are having a road trip in northern Spain crossing France Spain border is a must and you do not have any border formalities and custom control but having identification document is always recommended.
In other point of view, we can say that there is a kind of natural border between these two Schengen countries, it is Pyrenees Mountains, and because of this natural beauty, crossing France Spain border by road trip is one of the memorable road trip, which is in the itinerary of many road travelers.
visit three countries in one day ( Spain , France and Andorra )
There are several Spain province in France and Spain border like which all can be crossed with yourself drive or have a day trip in your Spain holidays : Basque Country , Aragon , Lleida and Girona and also several France which are Pyrénées-Atlantique , Hautes-Pyrénées , Haute-Garonne , Ariège and Pyrénées-Orientales .
There are also some Picturesque French towns in the France Spain border which you can take your road trip there. For example Collioure or Carcassonne . anyway the most recommended places and towns in France Spain border could be Andorra , Lanuza , Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port , Panticosa , Saint-Savin , Cauterets , Arreau , Benasque , Querforadat , Casteller de N’hug , Barruera and the Portbou .
When you are in Barcelona and starting your Spain road trip for Spain holidays Girona And Costa Brava Tour as a day trip from Barcelona and visit ancient roman city of Girona which the foundation is 78 BC and just half hour to France. Also between France and Barcelona there is coast line with a name of Costa Brava with a lots of beautiful beaches and fishing towns that you can visit in this tour.
For example, Collioure is a fresh fishing town just few kilometers after France Spain border and it has been discovered as one of the word most beautiful holiday destination where you can have few days there and eating, tasting a wine, do some shopping, sun bathing and kayaking.
Depend on your travel package you can go through the route to visit three countries in one day. Yes three countries. Spain, France and Andorra.
Andorra is a small country which you can visit this country during your France Spain border road trip.
Tourist usually spend one days in Andorra to visit the natural beauty of this mountain country and have benefit from its low VAT and buy the cheaper products. Also in wintertime, there are a lot of winter activity in Andorra and great Spa hotels in the hearth of mountains.
In the France Spain border there are some ecological national park which if you are a fan of ecological travels , you can chose a track to pass through them and even stay several night in the hearth of natural parks .
At the end of your Spain road trip at the France Spain border, you can arrive in San Sebastian and its beaches, which during the summer is one of the best destination for the water activities sports and adventures.
It should be mentioned that there are a well-established hiking trails at the France Spain border and they are perfectly normal and don’t forget that in the natural park in France Spain border camping and wild camping is forbidden . In Natural Park of des Pyrenees there are no specific rules and you should follow the local regulation indicated by the signs.

How to Visit France Spain Border ?

Our suggestion for visiting this border is taking a tour of visit three countries in one day ( Spain , France and Andorra ) from Barcelona and explore most of the attraction in this border . By this tour you are starting from Barcelona, going through a mountain of Montserrat and Pyrenees and finally passing border of Spain and France to reach to one of the charming towns named “Ax Les Thermes” . then you are going to enter to country of Andorra from France border and Crossing this small country with a lots of stops and coming out from border of Andorra and Spain
visit three countries in one day ( Spain , France and Andorra )
And if you are nature person and would like to see more in nature and less in the cities and also visit this long Mountain Range , you can have Andorra Day Trip From Barcelona and explore most of the attraction in mountain and attractions in country of Andorra . By this tour you have chance to pass one of the highest altitudes in this mountain which is near 8000 feet
Andorra Day Trip From Barcelona