Hottest Place in Spain

If you are looking for sunshine during most of the days in the year, head to Spain where you can have sunny days in winter and in summer. Spain is always a dream country where you can ski in winter with sunshine if you think that in winter the sun never comes back.
If you would like to have a trip to the hottest place in Spain and you are on planning for your Spain holidays, First is to know when you are coming. in winter or summer?

Hottest Place in Winter

If you are coming to Spain in the winter and looking for the hottest place in Spain, you can visit Barcelona, Marbella, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Costa Tropical, Menorca, Cadiz, and Murcia
These are recommendations, Where the temperature is mild, above 15, and most of the days are sunny. So it is not far from mind to could experience most of the days sunny, beside the beach or your hotel swimming pool, and enjoying Mediterranean Climate in the winter months from December to March.
Most of the hotels In these cities like Marbella and Tenerife have water-fun amusement facilities like slides, jumps, or… But you could not use them during the winter, although there are some hotels that offer you indoor swimming pools and it is possible to use their facilities even in the winter.

1- Barcelona

Barcelona usually is not on the list of hottest places in Spain and the reason that we are mentioning the name of Barcelona here is that Barcelona is one of the main gateways for arriving in Spain and you should know that in winter time one of the Mild places in Spain. As the capital of the state of Catalonia and one of the major cities in Spain one of the main destinations in Spain you could enjoy most of the days in Barcelona and the average temperature of Barcelona in winter time is from 12C (54F) for nights and 20C (68F) during a day and on an average just 60 days we have rain in Barcelona in the whole year and not any snow.
so depending on where you are coming from, you can count Barcelona as one of the hottest cities in Europe.
On each day of the year, you can have the Barcelona City Tour and explore all the city’s attractions like La Sagrada de Familia, and Gaudi Houses like casa Mila and Casa Batllo without feeling any sign of winter.
Barcelona city tours with pickup day trips from cruise port (With Pick-up and Drop-Off)
One of the most interesting day trips in Barcelona is a day trip to Montserrat which is located in mountains and is a monastery that dated back to 1025. Apart from the monastery, the mountain is unique in the world because of its kind of jagged mountain with special rock formations. This mountain even all day the winter is busy and is one of the top 5 attractions in Barcelona so many visitors come to visit this attraction by touring of Montserrat Day Trip From Barcelona in the morning and afternoon .so don’t feel cold about Barcelona, come and visit
Montserrat Day Trip From Airport with pickup

2- Marbella

Marbella is one of the hottest places in Spain, it is in the south of Malaga, one of the major cities in Spain, and on your Spain road trip to costa de sol, you will visit Marbella. In Marbella, there are so many luxurious Hotels and rental villas where you can have a very remarkable trip. The beaches in Marbella are sandy and golden sands and you can walk in the coastline and beautiful palm trees in the middle of winter and enjoy the mild weather.

3- Tenerife

Tenerife, as another hottest place in Spain, is the largest island of the Canary Islands, which is suited west of Africa. There are lots of flights to Tenerife because there are two airports in the Islands of Tenerife, Also in your Spain road trip, even with self-drive or fly-drive holiday packages, you can plan to get across Spain and from the southern cities use a ferry and go with your car in this wonderful island. Tenerife is one of the hottest places in Spain have a lot for families and adventurers as well as hikers. For example, Mount Teide National Park for spending your time in untouched nature and heading to Aqua land water park is the top excursion. interestingly, in December the average temperature is 17C to 21C and which make this island one of the hottest place in Spain in winter time and somehow unique in the world.


FUERTEVENTURA, Another island next to the Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean. This island is also one of the hottest places in Spain but it is less known as the Canary Islands. Interesting to know that on this island there are very beautiful beaches and a lot of soft sand dunes. You will have sand, a beach and great weather with the possibility of swimming in December. It is fabulous. Interesting to know in this hottest place in Spain there are more than 150 beaches and the widest one is 30 km wide! That is why it makes this island is perfect for surfing and windsurfing.
fuerteventura Hottest Place in Spain

5- Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical is near Granada airport as is one of the hottest place in Spain. This area is located between costa de sol and costa de Almeria .this area is a collection of small towns and villages and is less crowded than its neighboring coasts. Interesting to know that this place is famous for its tropical fruits like mangos, avocados, bananas, and guava! Therefore, you can believe that this area is one of the hottest places in Spain in wintertime. On your Spain road trip from Barcelona, you can head to the costa de sol, visit this area, and spend a night in Granada city.

6- Menorca Island

As a part of the Balearic Islands, next to Mallorca, on the east, side of Barcelona Menorca and Mallorca islands they are one of the hottest places in Spain. On your Spain road trip, you can get the ferry from Barcelona to go to this island or there is a much direct flight between Barcelona and other major cities in Spain to this island. The weather on this island is mild and most of the time over 15 in winter when you can even do the swimming. In addition, it should be pointed out there are so many hotels with complete all-inclusive facilities on this island where you can change your trip mode for some nights and spend in one of them. We recommend going to this island in your car to have the chance to visit all-natural places and stone momentous on this island and because this island is one of the hottest places in Spain you have the possibility of camping.
menorca hottest place in spain

7- Cadiz

The city is in the southeast part of Spain and is one of the hottest places in Spain. This city is famous for its beautiful beaches in Spain. The weather in Cadiz is not favorable as other hottest places in Spain but compared to cold countries is favorable. Water in Cadiz is white and blue and the city is full of history which you can explore all the historic parts by foot and bike and for example, you can Check out one (or many) of the 100 watchtowers located in and around the city. On your Spain road trip if you are coming to this city you can also head to the stunning white village of Arcos de la Fonterra in your car and enjoy this unique village.

8- Murcia

As one of the hottest places in Spain, with sunny beaches and traditional foods, Murcia is must see. In your Spain road trip, if you are crossing Spain from north to south Murcia is a must to see and we suggest it in most of our winter packages. Murcia city is on land but we are recommending going to the east of the city and coastal areas such as Aguilas which has Cocedores Beach as the best beach in this area. In this hottest place in Spain, you should not expect rain because Murcia is one of the driest places in Spain.
murcia Hottest Place in Spain