is Andorra Worth a visit?

It is a question that is in your mind while you are planning to choose your day trip from Barcelona. Perhaps you’ve never heard about it but you could see that it is one of the best and you are in doubt whether that is Andorra worth a visit?
Let me tell you, I have many travelers that always ask me what is my favorite tour from Barcelona?
And My answer is always one thing and that is Andorra Day Trip From Barcelona. I’ve never counted how many times I've guided a tour of Andorra (perhaps 500 or 600 times ), but believe me still Andorra is the best for me and each day that I am on Andorra Tour I feel that I am enthusiastic even more than my first visit.
And for me, Andorra always has been a place where even if I decided to relocate from Barcelona, I am choosing Andorra as the first option on my list.

why Andorra is worth visiting?

Let me tell you this:

1- it is a short trip to visit another country From Barcelona. for something like 10 to 11 hours you can have a day trip to another country! .
So you are visiting another country, you are coming out from Barcelona and its busy touristic attractions, taking a road that most of the locals are taking and going to another country with its own history. You are visiting a real country with its own political and legal system.
It is true that for 11 hours you can do any kind of activities in Andorra but at least you can get a glimpse of everything there

The Country of the Pyrenees

2- The slogan in Andorra is “Andorra, el país dels Pirineus“ or “Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees”, So visiting Andorra is one of the greatest ways to visit the Pyrenees and enjoy its scenic mountain passes. Andorra is located in the Pyrenees mountains, where there are peaks that are more than six thousand feet.
It is the mountain, fresh air, and nature, ….. So every day has different colors and that’s why in most of the trips, I am telling my travelers that “today we are experiencing something that even I have not experienced” because here each day is different that the other days.
is it Worth visiting Andorra ?


3- your visit to Andorra couldn't be done without experiencing different viewpoints. From south to north of this country on the side of the valley of Andorra, there are dozen of viewpoints that are giving you the best view of the nature of this country, how this country has been formed?
Valleys, peaks, rivers, or mountain passes are the perfect settings to discover these viewpoints and perhaps In Andorra, in my point of view, the best scenery can be enjoyed while is the month for snowshoeing and mountain skiing.

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Andorra

4- In the spring the beautiful landscapes of Andorra are ideal for recreation in nature. You have the possibility of trekking or having a short visit to three natural parks there: the Vall de Sorteny Natural Park (which is home to more than 700 species of flowers and plants), Madriu-Pedrafita-Claror (which is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004), and the Natural Communal Park of les Valls, where the highest peak in Andorra is located there (with a height of 8500 feet).

Winter Activities in Andorra

5- and In the winter the traveler finds the best amenities for snow sports.
Winter sports fans will feel in paradise here, and we have a lot of snow here in Andorra during the winter months the resorts of Grandvalira and Vallnord, are favorites for experienced skiers.
Snow activities are also the order of the day in winter, from muixing (dog sledding), snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and more.

Andorra Romanesque Architectures

6- Andorra also breathes culture! You will find more than 20 museums, as well as the Romanesque art that is easily recognized in some monuments or in its many churches and chapels. The small mountain towns are also an attraction in themselves to discover the country's most representative architecture.

From Luxury Goods to Local Cuisine

7- these days the population in Andorra is about 80 thousand, but could you guess how many visitors they have in a year? One million? two million? No ...
Eight million, and by this way Andorra has the highest tourist per capita. Starting from the middle of the 20th century, there was an evolution in Andorra and that was Andorra transforming from being a traditional society, based on an agricultural economy, to being a modern society with an economy. these days Andorra's economic and demographic transformation is determined by tourism, which has become the engine of the Andorran economy and has significantly modified the landscape.
So Andorra it’s not just a duty-free center to buy cigarettes, alcohol, and luxury goods at lower prices. It’s a fun place with miles of popular ski slopes and snowmobile trails, as well as mountains. It has very good restaurants, some featuring local cuisine which is a mix of Catalan, Spanish, and French influences. For history and art buffs, it has amazing Romanesque churches and distinctive public art. A trip here is enjoyable and interesting and not just a country to check off the list that you have visited. And yes tomorrow I wanna go to Andorra