One Day Trip From Barcelona

For having a perfect plan for one day trip from Barcelona in 2022, you should know where Barcelona and Catalonia are located.
Spain has 17 different states and Catalonia is one of the most important states with four provinces, the province of Barcelona with the capital of Barcelona, the province of Girona, Tarragona, and Lleida.
The whole state of Catalonia from the north has a border with France and one of the smallest countries in Europe named Andorra.
Therefore, for planning one day trip from Barcelona you have many options inside this state and in the country of Andorra.

Inside Catalonia :
Half Day Trip to Montserrat From Barcelona

These days, Montserrat is one of the top five attractions in Barcelona and is the most visited attraction outside the city of Barcelona. Montserrat is the name of a mountain near Barcelona, and the rock formation of this mountain made it unique for visit, and this mountain hosts an active monastery dating back to the year 1025.
Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain range near Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. It is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. The main peaks are Sant Jeroni, Montgrós, and Miranda de les Agulles.
For most people, it is essential to visit to Montserrat for three main reasons. Firstly, it is, in itself, a Gothic building of architectural significance. Secondly, it is the home of Montserrat's masses and choral concerts. Thirdly, it houses what is arguably Montserrat's most important feature - the statue of the Black Madonna
There are a lot of half-day trips to Montserrat from Barcelona and you can start your tour in the morning or afternoon.
Our recommendation is to book Montserrat afternoon tour from Barcelona always, , in high season if you can. Because usually in the month of June, July, and August there are a lot of visitors in the daytime and if you could be there in the afternoon you can experience more cool places and face one-tenth of the visitors that are coming usually In the morning.
one day trip from Barcelona
In this Half Day Trip To Montserrat, you can experience the nature of this unique jagged mountain and the ancient Monastery hidden between the peaks. Get to know 'La Moreneta', the Black Madonna, and her fascinating story, and Learn all about the history of Montserrat and the Monastery.
And then , Visit the Local Farmers' Market. Try the fabulous regional products of Catalonia. Stroll through the Plaza de Santa Maria, where the Romanesque architecture of the Monastery and the Church of Santa Maria de Montserrat merge with the stones of the mountain’s peaks.

Inside Catalonia :
Day Trip to Girona From Barcelona

Girona Has a lot to offer. This city is one of the first roman cities in Spain that was founded by Romans in 77 B.C., Girona will surprise you with its fusion between past and present times. Should be mentioned that this city these days is famous because of Game Of Thrones filming location there. in Girona you Marvel at the colorful façades of the houses on the side of the Onyar River to walk to the Old Town of Girona . in the old town you are visiting the Call, one of the most well-preserved Jewish neighborhoods in Europe and, the cathedral Girona Continue your walking tour of Girona into the Old City Walls, dating back to roman times.
Costa Brava, which is a beautiful coastline between France and Barcelona with a lot of stunning fishing villages and towns like figures, Tossa de mar and CADAQUES, and most of the area of Costa Brava is located in the province of Girona.
Girona and Costa Brava Tour from Barcelona
So for a one day trip from Barcelona, You can book a Girona half day tour from Barcelona , which is 5 hours tour and usually starts at 7 or 10 in the morning, or you can have Costa Brava Tour From Barcelona independently which is 5 hours but our recommendation is to have Girona and costa brava tour from Barcelona which you are saving a time and visit both a Girona and costa brava in one day from Barcelona

Outside of Catalonia
Day Trip To Andorra From Barcelona

The best Idea to have one day trip outside Catalonia and even outside of Spain is a day trip to Andorra.
Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, which is situated between the border of Spain and France with a lot of stunning view of mountains and valleys in both summer and wintertime and that is why it could be another best option for a one-day trip from Barcelona
The best way for having an Andorra day trip from Barcelona is to start the day trip from Barcelona early morning, have breakfast beside one of the beautiful lakes in Catalonia, and visit one of the medieval towns Baga which is dated back to the 12 century, then passing a border and going to France by visiting several mountain towns of France like Ax-Les-Thermes. Then crossing Andorra from north to south.
one day trip from Barcelona
By this way, you are going to Andorra from the border of France and you are coming out from border of Spain and this is the reason that our recommendation is to take three-country tour from Barcelona and visit France, Andorra, and Spain in one day or take Andorra One Day Trip From Barcelona