Spanish Towns

Most of us know Madrid and Barcelona as best Spanish major cities. But there is so much more in Spain to see and visit. Narrow streets, magnificent architecture, delicious traditional dishes and cheerful people – All of them makes the following town worthy to visit in your Spain road trip and with self-drive or fly drive holidays in Spain.
Here is a list of best Spanish towns:

1- Comillas, Cantabria

Do you think, only Barcelona has a famous work of Antoni Gaudí ? No
In the amazing town of Comillas, you can find El Capricho building which is famous for its unique style. Its style is somehow like a Persian miniature style. If you are going to visit this Spanish town, put this building and the palace next to it, named marvelous Sobrellano Palace, to visit.
Do not forget that only 12 kilometers from Comillas is located Oyambre Natural Park in small Spanish town of San Vicente de la Barquera.
Spanish Town comillas

2- Besalú, Catalonia

Besalu, with a population of approximately 2400 people, is a one of the Spanish towns, which remained live over the years. This Spanish town was one of the most important Catalan countries in 1000 years ago and the main reason that made this Spanish town important at those times was its market, location and commercial routes.
The origin of this Spanish town was castle of Besalú. The city also has important medieval structures such as the church of Sant Pere monastery ,the old bridge , Sant Vicenç church , the micé of jewish baths, , Sant Julià -the old hospital of pilgrims-, Casa Cornellà .
Do not forget that the image to show this Spanish town is always its Romanesque bridge over the river Fluviá that damaged on 1315 due to river flood.
It just takes an hour or two to "see" Besalú and it is not difficult to join a visit to close-by Girona since there are visit nearby transports between the two towns or you can visit this village in your Spain road trip with self-drive or fly drive holidays
besalu Spanish Town

3- Olite, Navarre

World-known palaces is standing side by side in this small Spanish town with a population of 3000 residents. The main attraction is the Palace of the Kings of Navarre of Olite, which is consisting of three parts: Old palace, new palace and the church of Santa María la Real and the main point that making this architecture unique is its airy tale-like design and this building has not been built once and had several expansion during centuries.
In the other view the mild Mediterranean weather of Olite made this Spanish town as perfect place for producing wine and it is one of the main wine capital of Spain.
olite Spanish Town

4- Ronda, Andalusia

This Spanish town is located in the province of Malaga and is full of historic sights.
We can consider this Spanish town as twin sister of Cuenca, because it is also build on the rocks over the El Tajo canyon. Something that made this Spanish town interested and famous is its bridges. There are three interesting bridges in the town Puente Romano, Puente Viejo and Puente Nuevo that cross the canyons.
There is a church in Ronda, which its construction began in 1486 and the most fascinating part of church is Renaissance Choir and images of the Virgen del Mayor Dolor
But what make this Spanish town special?? Yes, the largest and oldest bullfight Arena in Spain.
We can find one of the largest bullfight arena in Spain, which can host more than 5000 spectators. This is not just largest it is also oldest arena date back to 18th century.
spanish town Ronda

5- Salamanca, Castile and León

If you are driving through Spain from French border on Atlantic coast or going toward a Madrid and Portugal these Spanish towns are the must to see. They are mixture of modern and old. In this Spanish town, you can find the oldest university in Spain, which is date back to 1300, and in this Spanish town, there is new and old cathedral which could be also in worth to visit.
For reaching to this Spanish town, the best is taking A1 motorway and enter to this Spanish town before reaching a city of Burgos.
Do not forget that you can climb up the towers in cathedral and have panoramic view of the city.
salamanca Spanish Town

6- Frigiliana, Andalusia

There are three cultural festival in end of august in this Spanish town during a 4 days which is celebrating historic culture of Muslims, Jewish and Christian.
Just about 70km away from Malaga you can find This Spanish town, which is like a Santorini in Greece. White houses and narrow streets on the hill with overview of sunny costa de sol. This Spanish town has been elected several time as a most beautiful village in Spain because of its unique architecture.
Also be some active and take a hiking route to Natural Park of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama and the cave of Nejra definitely is a must to visit and is one of the major attraction in south Spain itinerary .
frigiliana Spanish Town

7- Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha

This Spanish town is capital of Castilla-La Mancha. The main attracting point of this Spanish top is due to this point that it has been built over 956 meter height rock and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage because of its cultural infrastructure. The beautiful and impressive architecture, the landscape, the views and the surrounding areas makes Cuenca a unique City and one of its kind.
It is interesting to know that this Spanish town originally founded by Arabs and despite everything it moderates the noteworthy walled region, with its precarious cobblestone roads and its vestiges of medieval strongholds.
In the town there is 64m height bridge “Puente de San Pablo “ which from the bridge you will get your best views of the hanging houses. Once on the other side you can visit the Convento de San Pablo.
Do not forget that If you are scared of heights, it presents a challenge, but well worth it.
Also, the historic town is so cute with its ancient narrow streets, interesting buildings and quaint places to see.
Cuenca Spanish Town
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