Tourist driving in Spain

the most important point in tourist driving in Spain on your Spain road trip with self-drive or fly-drive holidays is to know whether you are allowed to drive in Spain or not.
There are some important points as follows to find out whether you are allowed to drive in Spain or not.

1- Minimum Age

The minimum age for tourist driving in Spain is 18. Although at the age of 15, you can drive a motorcycle less than 50cc inside the city. So in the city centers like Madrid and Barcelona, you can use many rental motorbikes and stroll around the city.
driving age in Spain

2- Valid Driving Licence

For tourist driving in Spain, you should have a valid driving license. Many driving licenses are acceptable in Spain like the other EU countries and US state licenses. Anyway, it is better to check the website of the traffic organization to be sure that you can drive in Spain.

3- Necessary Items

All tourists that are driving in Spain should carry a driving license, car insurance, identification documents, and proof of ownership or rental contract. Also for all tourist driving in Spain, it is necessary to carry reflective jackets and warning triangles inside a car to be used in case of emergency.
Also, as a tourist driving in Spain you should know that using any gadget for reporting a radar detector is banned and you should not carry anyone in your car.

4- Speed Limits

For all tourist driving in Spain, it is necessary to know the speed limits. speed limits in town are 50 km per hour, near the school is 30 km per hour, in the interurban road is 80 km per hour, in motorway and dual carriageway is 120 km per hour, in the road with more than one line in each direction is 100 km per hour and in the normal convectional road is 90 km per hour for normal cars and if you are carrying a trailer it is less.

5- Parking

You are in the city centers and intended to park. You should know that in most city centers you can park in the designated area which has been specified and when you are parking you should buy a ticket from the machine nearby and place it behind the front glass visible from outside. This is one of the usual failures that most of the tourist driving in Spain has.

6- Mobile Phone

As a tourist, driving in Spain and having a Spain road trip you should know that using a mobile phone is prohibited and you are only allowed to talk with a phone with hand-free devices.

7- Child Seat

And if you're intended to come to Spain with your family and have a Spain road trip you should know that children below 135 cm height are not allowed to seat in the front seat and if they are sitting in the back they should use chilled seat adapted to their age.
car seat laws spain

8- Alcohol

Although there is an allowable range of alcohol as a 0.5mg per milliliter of blood, we strongly recommend not drinking alcohol before driving. Statistics show that even small alcohol drinking will increase the chance of accidents.