Travelling to Spain from US COVID

According to the new norm published in Spanish official Gazette , Vaccinated travelers from USA are now allowed to visit Spain from 7th of June
Three main requirements are :

  • have to be fully vaccinated – both doses and at least 14 days before their journey.
  • Your Vaccine should be one of the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Sinopharm, and Sinovac-Coronavac
  • fill out a form on the Spain Travel Health website

in any case Before your travel you should complete health control form (FCS) and show QR code before collecting your luggage’s to border health control. if you forget .

Travelling to Spain from US before 7th of June 2021 :
Currently (May 2021) You should take the following guidelines before travelling to Spain from us during COVID and very soon it is going to be changed .
1- You can travel could travel but with essential reason. For example, not for a leisure and there should be evidence that could prove that your travel is a kind of essential travel .
The reason could be something related to your business, studying at university, attendant to seminars and conferences or even coming to Spain for investment and in all of these cases it is necessary to have a proof of trip with yourself .
that is the way that many real estate are doing these days , they are sending invitation letter to their visitors and inviting them for a meeting and visiting some projects ! and it seems that it is working .
2- You need to do COVID PCR test maximum 72 hours before your arrival, result should be negative and written in English or Spanish
3- Always recommending checking local websites of the states that you are going to visit. Because another issue that you should consider for travelling to Spain during pandemic is containment laws in each state of Spain. Spain has 17 different states and these days each of them has different laws. For example in Catalonia ( Barcelona ) , you could not come out from your accommodation after 10:00 PM and nobody except public services could not leave the cities . It means that if you are coming to Barcelona during pandemic, your friend could not come to airport for picking up you!
We can say that even locals in Spain do not know that what is the latest updates about their region (because if changing the rules every week) and they are receiving a fine from local police and city guard.
4- Check the local website and rules exactly before your coming because, rules are changing by each state government week by week and nothing is definite, so in order to check the status of your travelling to Spain during pandemic.

5- Before your travel you should complete health control form (FCS) and show QR code before collecting your luggage’s to border health control. if you forget , it is not problem , there are some forms there in the airport and you can fill them there and deliver to border health control . form should be filled 48 hours before your flight date and you should indicate all information of flight such as sear number , … in the form .

6- When you are coming back to us, you also required to do another PCR test , with negative result , that has been done in maximum 72 hours before your flight date . There are variety of LAB in Spain that are doing this test and average cost for this test is 150 USD
7- Consider all local limitation of movement that are changing weekly, now at the time of publication of this post :

  1. Social gathering is limited to 6 persons.
  2. You could not leave the city that you are landed, except for very specific reason.
  3. There is confinement from 10pm every night and you could come out after only for going to pharmacy or going to hospital
  4. Restaurant and bars are open only at noon , for the night the only available option is delivery .

traveling to spain from us covid-19

8- Transportation is very limited due to confinement rules and limitation of circulation in city and between cities. We are recommending reserving your transport before coming. Because usually the number of flights in airport is very low during confinement and taxis are not available like usual in the airports, your friends and colleagues could not come to airport for picking you up (city confinement rules) . you can Contact Us  and tell your arrival time , then we would introduce you the best options that you could have .

9- Any non-compliance could have result of 60€ to 60,000€ depending on the gravity of the violation.

10- information published in this page is not definitive and complete . we always recommend you to considering latest news and rules and check with authorities before your coming . last information about travelling to Spain from us could be find Here

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about your travel from us to Spain during COVID .
Wishing you all the health and safe travel
Bon Viaje ,
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