Weekend trips from Barcelona

Are you staying in Barcelona for the weekend and looking for weekend trip form Barcelona?
However, before choosing your weekend trips you should consider several factors,

First, which days? Sunday or Saturday?

For example, we are not recommending a Half Day Trip to Montserrat From Barcelona , on Sundays at mid-day departure (10:00am ) . because usually Montserrat is one of the favorite destination for the locals to go, lots of people from Barcelona and area around are coming there for weekend to enjoy their day in beautiful mountain of Montserrat , visiting monastery , attending at choir performance or a little bit more active for hiking or biking .
So if you have a plan to go and visit Santa Maria de Montserrat abbey on Sunday , go early as possible and start your journey from Barcelona not later than 9:00 am to and enter to monastery before 10:00am and if you could purchase a tour with pick-up and drop-off option to save the time .
Should be say that usually on Sundays, Montserrat is a center of cultural events some days you could see “Sardana” or some days you could see human towers “Els Castells” that is being built by different groups .
On Saturday, there is less crowd, but on Saturday there is not any choir performance and you are missing one of the main reason for visiting to Abadia de Montserrat.

Second is the season, winter or not winter?

For example if you are travelling to Barcelona in winter , we are not recommending to have tour of Visit Three Countries In One Day ( Spain , France and Andorra ) , on Sunday in the month of January and February . The reason is that : Andorra is hosting several largest ski resort in the area and most of the locals usually going there for ski at weekend and Sunday is a last day that they should return back to home. So a lots of traffic at border and usually tour duration would be 2 hours more .

So what is the best weekend trips from Barcelona?

Generally the best weekend trips for the weekend from Barcelona could be Half Day Trip to Montserrat From Barcelona on Sundays 9:00 am , tour of visit three countries in one day ( Spain , France and Andorra ) on Saturdays and and tour of Girona and costa Brava tour from Barcelona on Sunday and Saturdays .

What Places to visit outside Barcelona?

Generally the best Place to visit outside the Barcelona are :
  • Cities like Girona (Roman City Dated Back to first century), Sitges (With it’s gorgeous beaches ) and Tarragona (Ancient Roman City)
  • Mountain ranges Like Pyrenees And Montserrat
  • Beaches like Costa Brava
  • and Medieval towns like Bagà, Besalú and Pals
But don’t Forget that everything is depended to the season.
In the summer time the best place to visit outside of Barcelona could be more in northern part of the Barcelona and having a Tour for Girona and Costa Brava or Andorra day trips from Barcelona.
and in the winter time the best place to visit outside the Barcelona are Places near the Barcelona like Monastery of Montserrat (Half Day Trip to Montserrat From Barcelona)  
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