COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate In Spain

What a good news !
It seems that this nightmare (COVID-19) is going to be controlled and governments finally are finding a way to return everything back to us .
Today we heard the first sing of tourism recovery in Spain and that is , establishing a infrastructure for issuing Covid-19 vaccine certificate for vaccinated persons and then facilitating of travelling and accepting tourism for those .
Who knows, maybe very soon, European Union announce that all with this certificate are allowed to enter to European Union including Spain and circulating that it means all international flights and cruise ships program would be recover fast.
It was first Denmark that launched the ‘vaccine passport’ to help its citizens travel to countries where vaccination would become a mandatory requirement for entry and now this is going to be expanded in all European Union .
For sure this would be "a starting point for tourism" in the summer, that the government's plan being to accelerate the vaccination programm and to work with the European Commission on a common vaccination certificate that will ensure safe travel .
On the other hand , government of Spain announce that , by the beginning of they have a plan for doing 30 million vaccination and it means it would be a safe country for travel as infection rate shall be very low according to this numbers .
covid-19 vaccine certificate in Spain