Do i need a visa for Spain from UK after Brexit ?

Finally UK left European union on 1th January of 2021 and for sure it has some effects of freedom of travel to Spain from UK .
Answering to the question , From January 2021 , all British ( holders of British Passport ) are regarded as a non-EU citizens in all immigration and visa procedure for Spain .
And simple answer for Do I need a visa for Spain from UK after Brexit ? is NO . You do not required any visa and just with your British passport, you can enter Spain with a purpose of visit and stay 90 days in each 180 calendar days. With this visa, you are not have a right to work or study and for the purpose of long resident, which is, more than 90 days, you should apply for the visa.
In this page, we are trying to summarize all other questions that our travelers have about travelling to Spain from UK after Brexit as well as visa requirement for British . All the information that published here is gathered for those who are interested to visit Spain for holiday purpose after Brexit .
Do i need a visa for Spain from UK after Brexit

Is there any border control between Spain and UK after Brexit ?

Yes , after 1th of January 2021 , All British are being consider as nations from third parties to European union and they are subjected for border control at entrance and exit to Schengen countries .
One of the items that usually is being checked at border control is how many days have you been in Spain and it should be exceed more than 90 days in each 180 days and you should Present a return or onward ticket .
Do i need a visa for Spain from UK after Brexit

Can I drive to Spain from UK after Brexit ?

Or better to say is my British driving license valid in Spain after Brexit ? Yes , your British driving license is valid in Spain and being threaten as a third countries driving license and not European license . So technically, you do not have problem for your driving to Spain from UK after Brexit and your driving license is being considered as valid up to 6 months after entrance to Spain.
Currently you do not need IDP (international Driving Permit) for driving to Spain after brexit .
Can I drive to Spain from UK after Brexit ?

Is land border of Spain open after Brexit ?

Yes , the and border is open and you could drive to Spain after Brexit . You are subjected to do all border control and custom control at you first entrance to Schengen Area and afterward you have freedom to drive entire Schengen area with your British driving license.
Do not forget to check the coverage of your car third party insurance starting your drive to Spain.

How long can you holiday in Spain after Brexit ?

After first of January 2021, you can visit Spain as tourist for a period of 90 days in each 180 calendar days.

What document do I need to travel to Spain after Brexit ?

Passports must be valid for at least six months from the day the holder travels to the EU and you are advised to take out private travel insurance to cover any eventuality.
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