Driving Age In Spain

If you are, having a plan to come to Spain as a kind of fly drive or self-drive holidays and do the driving in Spain you should know that what the driving age in Spain is?
Driving age is Spain is 18 with some exception.
The minimum driving age is Spain is 15 for the mopeds and motorcycle below 50 CC and those who could not reach to 45 Km per hour speed.
It means that if you are in Barcelona and would like to explore the city by rental motorcycle which are many renting options like Ecooltra , you can ride them if you are over 15 years old.
On the other side the minimum driving age in Spain for motorcycle up to 125 cc is 16 years old and you should have A1 driving license or its equivalence.
In addition, there is not any maximum driving age in Spain, but if you are over 65 years old, your license should be renewed.
For driving in Spain, you should always carry the important documents like:

  • Valid Driving certificate
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of identification
  • And proof of ownership or rental contract

If you are driving in Spain, you should always carry following items by law in your car like reflective jacket and warning triangle.
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