Driving In Spain Checklist

If you are intended to come to Spain with self-drive or flu drive holidays and have a Spain road trip, it is necessary to check that all necessary document is with you and check with driving in Spain checklist, prior coming.
Here is a driving in Spain checklist:

  1. Driving license: if you are coming from EU Countries or other countries that your driving license is valid in Spain, bring your original driving license. It is a most important item in “driving in Spain checklist “
  2. All the drivers in Spain should carry personal identifications match with their driving license.
  3. Another important item in “driving in Spain checklist” is that , if you are coming with your vehicle , bring all car ownership documents and third part as well as complementary insurance .
  4. If you are renting a car for Spain road trip or you have bought self-drive or fly drive Spain holiday packages, have your rental contract with yourself.
  5. If you are traveling with child, be sure that your car is equipped with adapted child seat in the back and already installed or if you are renting a car as fly drive Spain road trip, ask the company for considering requiring child seat to be installed in the car.
  6. if your car one of the most important item in “driving in Spain checklist “ is that your car insurance policy should cover international accidents and have coverage outside the country .
  7. Ask your insurance company for the roadside assistance number in the Spain. If you are coming to Spain for having Spain road trip it is necessary to call this number in case of accident or emergencies.
  8. It is not mandatory but it is recommended to ask your personal health insurance coverage and policy before coming to Spain. It is one of the most recommended item in “driving in Spain checklist “and if your insurance does not have a coverage, you can buy additional coverage for Spain.
  9. It is obligatory to have warning triangles, visibility vest in your car in Spain road trip.
  10. It is recommended to have first aid kit in your car as well as spare wheel.
  11. Fire extinguisher and torch is also recommended in “driving in Spain checklist

Do not forget that you should drive on the right, do overtake from the left and all passengers required to fasten a seat belt.

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