Major Cities in Spain

Did you know that Spain is the third country in the world regarding to the number of UNESCO word heritages?
Spain is not just Madrid and Barcelona and there are several others major cities in Spain, which you can start your Spain road trip with, day trips or tour for your holiday packages.
We cannot say that major cities in Spain host just famous architecture and historical monuments, although they are cities bursting with Spanish culture and tradition.
In your trip to Spain, we suggest to visit a combination of following Biggest cities in Spain:

1- Barcelona

Located in northeastern Spain and is one of the major cities in Spain that has a lot to offer. Barcelona as one of the top travel destination you can find many artwork of Gaudí, well architectures, beautiful and lovely beaches, Catalan cuisine and fabulous shopping.
You can spend a weekend around the Barcelona and in vineyards experience the special nature around Barcelona.
In this major city, the parties never ends and thanks to the Olympic, this city has very well comminuting infrastructure.
Do not forget that no one leave Barcelona without admiring the architecture of La Sagrada Familia.
We always recommend Barcelona s starting point for Spain road trip with self-drive or fly drive holiday packages.
barcelona Major Cities in Spain

2- Madrid

Capital of Spain, Madrid is one of the major cities in Spain that old and modern architecture meet each other with many parks, places and museum. In Madrid, you can find many rooftop bars and do not leave Madrid without spending time in one of them. You can also visit world-class museum, Almudena Cathedral and Royal Palace and do not forget shopping along gran via.
If you are tired in this city head to Parque del Retiro to make lovely day for yourself and row a boat on the beautiful lake .
Do not forget that Madrid as a one of the major cities in Spain was European Capital of Culture in 1992.
madrid Biggest Cities in Spain

3- Valencia

Visit Valencia as one of the major cities in Spain, located eastern part of the country with a blend of culture and beaches.
It is interesting to know that the origin of Spain famous dishes is from this city. In Barrio del Carmen you can find many cozy streets and it is place which you must taste the famous Spanish dish of paella.
In Valencia, you can visit science museum, planetarium and aquarium and March is month of festival in this major city in Spain.
If you are tired in this city head to Parque del Retiro to make lovely day for yourself and row a boat on the beautiful lake .
Do not forget that Madrid as a one of the major cities in Spain was European Capital of Culture in 1992.
valencia Biggest Cities in Spain

4- Málaga

Not just famous for the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga city has become one of the most modern and attractive major cities in Spain.
In Malaga, you have lot to see, from historical heritage and cathedral to Roman Theatre, the Gibralfaro Castle and Pablo Picasso museum.
Visitors of costa de sol are usually visit this city and its excellent Marina.

5- Sevilla

Sevilla as one of the major cities in Spain is the largest historical city in the Spain and it host world third largest cathedral.
Off course in this city, you can enjoy Andalusian charm and traditions of the city in many Tapas restaurant and bars and you can make your romantic evening by walking in banks of Guadalquivir.
This city has special atmosphere and is full of beautiful sights like Old quarter Giralda tower, Cathedral and Alcazar.
Watching flamenco is a must in Sevilla but try to find a show with a best quality because there is many shows that are not expensive but their quality is not so good.

6- Bilbao

It was an old port city until 1997 until the doors of Guggenheim has been open and it is one of the top major cities in Spain to visit. It should be pointed out that Bilbao is center of art in Spain and in Guggenheim museum; you can see most of Frank Gehry’s impressive architectures. If you are on road, trip in Spain and passing North West of the Spain, Bilbao is a must and do not forget to wandering in city neighborhoods and tasting pintxos .

7- Toledo

If you are interested in historical monuments that dates back to roman empires, visit this city as one of the main and major Spain cities in 70 Km south of Madrid. For many years Arabs, Jews and Christians lived together in this city, that is why this city has been named as a city of cultures, and its old quarter has been listed in UNESCO world heritage site.
It is interesting to know that this main city has been capital of Spain until the 16th century. In Toledo do not look for something special, just lost yourself inside the city and pass many old architectures like mosques cathedrals and synagogue.

8- San Sebastian

As one of the other major cities in Spain and capital of Gipuzko province. If you are on the Spain road trips in the north you can chose a route to pass the Basque country as well as a Bay of Biscay and San Sebastian. There are many beautiful beaches in this city and in the city center like all other cities in Spain, you can find historical buildings.
In San Sebastian and its beaches you can have sunbathing, water sports, kayaking and all others refreshing activities in the summer.

9- Granada

If you are passing Spain on road and like to wander in mountains “Sierra Nevada: mountain is a must and you should spend some days in. so you can come to Granada as a one of the other major cities in Spain which offer many cultural weekend breaks .
This city has been known for its magnificent Alhambra, which has been listed as UNESCO WORLD heritage since 1994. Alhambra is a collection of cascading water, gardens, ornamental architecture and off course great view over the city.
In the other point of view, we can say that Granada is city of students and you can find many cheap Tapas and drinks.