Mountain Ranges in Spain

Spain is located between the Mediterranean and to Atlantic and its landscape is vary from part to part. If you like to have a road trip in Spain Mountains, even with self-drive or fly-drive holiday packages, with chill weather in the middle of summer and then going for water activities on beaches Spain is the best country. You can experience mountain life, mountain biking, and mountain off-roading as well as winter sports and adventure biking all in Spain Mountains. Here is some of the best mountain ranges in Spain :

1- Sierra Nevada

If you like to do the Ski in the southeast part of Spain near the Mediterranean Sea, the Sierra Nevada is that mountain range. It is interested to know that its coast is protected as a national park and is UNESCO honored. This mountain has a highest peak in Spain (3481 Meters) and one of the highest in Europe.
Therefore, we can expect that this mountain ranges in Spain is one of the winter sports activities destination in the winter. You can choose a track to visit costa de sol, pass these mountain ranges, and reach to major cities in Spain like Granada and Seville.
Do not forget that the Spanish meaning of Sierra Nevada is “mountain covered in Snow “

2- Pyrenees Mountain

It is another mountain ranges in Spain. This mountain is mountains between France and Spain and is forming a kind of natural border between two countries. The length of these mountain ranges in Spain is from Catalonia and costa de brave to Basque Country on the Atlantic coast and almost 430 km. in winter there are lots of places in this mountain where you can do most of the winter sports.
It is interesting to know that a part of these mountain ranges has been defined as UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are many places for skiing, hiking, and biking as well as offroading and motorbike trails.
In the Pyrenees, you can explore nature, taste Catalan foods, or hideout in the mountains. The language that is popular in these mountain ranges is Catalan and Spanish and French could be the third language. In addition, hotels and other touristic businesses can speak a little bit of English and you can communicate, as you need with them.
The best time of the year to visit these mountain ranges in Spain is autumn or spring, because the temperature is mild and it is less crowded. However, if you are heading for snow holidays the best time would be winter and some charismas events are being held during New Year's time. Also, the best way of visiting these mountain ranges in Spain is by your Spain road trips holiday as a form of self-drive or fly-drive holiday in Spain.

How to Visit Pyrenees Mountain ?

Perhaps one of the best ways for visiting the Pyrenees Mountain is to take a tour of visit three countries in one day ( Spain , France and Andorra ) from Barcelona and explore most of the attractions on this Mountain. On this tour, you are starting from Barcelona, going through the mountain of Montserrat and Pyrenees and finally passing the border of Spain and France to reach to one of the charming towns named “Ax Les Thermes”. then you are going to enter to country of Andorra from France border and Cross this small country with lots of stops and coming out from the border of Andorra and Spain
visit three countries in one day ( Spain , France and Andorra )
And if you are a nature person and would like to see more in nature and less in the cities and also visit this long Mountain Range, you can have Andorra Day Trip From Barcelona and explore most of the attractions in the mountains and attractions in the country of Andorra. On this tour, you have a chance to pass one of the highest altitudes on this mountain which is nearly 8000 feet
Andorra Day Trip From Barcelona

3- Montserrat

It is other mountain ranges in Spain that are unique because of their shapes. These mountain ranges have very unusual shapes that are coming from thousands of years ago when most of the earth was filled with water.
The special shape of this mountain range attracts a lot of visitors each year and in your Spain road trip, if you are coming out from Barcelona or going in, it can be on your track. There is also a cathedral on this mountain where you can park your car and visit the old village of Montserrat.
If You are staying in Barcelona on tour of Montserrat Day Trip From Barcelona you can explore this mountain, the monastery of Montserrat which is dated back to the year of 1025

4- Picos de Europa

Yes, the meaning of these mountain ranges in Spain is “the pick of Europe”.
It is the first thing that sailors can see when they are arriving in Europe from the Atlantic. There are many beautiful places in this mountain to visit and see. Lakes Ercina and Enol, Covadonga, Arenas de Cabrales, Bulnes, Stores and its national park are the places that must be visited during passing these mountain ranges in Spain.
Also, do not forget that if you like hiking in the mountain Picos de Europa has a network of well-defined tracks that passes through untouched villages. In the Fuente Dé you can take the cable car to go up and have a great view and pass all adventure hikers' paths to be on their last station.

5- Serra de Tramuntana

This mountain ranges in Spain is in the Menorca island and runs along the northeast coast of Menorca where you can have a great view of the Mediterranean sea and Majorca's deep blue lakes. The interesting sense of the nature of this mountain is pine trees that are grown between red rocks and limestones.
This mountain range also has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage for its great physical and cultural significance and the method that locals have developed inside the mountain to develop sustainable agriculture is truly unique.

6- Sierra Blanca

This mountain ranges in Spain is located in costa de sol, Marbella, and is standing next to palm trees and orange trees, which is very typical in the south of Spain. The meaning is “While mountain” because it is covered by a blanket of snow.
On your road trip to Spain you can go by car through this mountain and have a great view of the Mediterranean Sea to Africa .there is also a national park Natural Park of Sierra de las Nieves extends itself beyond the peaks of Sierra Blanca, and it has its ‘roof’ at the Torrecilla mountain, with 1919 meters.

7- Serra de Barbanza

This mountain ranges in Spain is not large, but its position makes it remarkable. It is along the Atlantic coastline and is between two rivers, which are submerged under the sea.
On your Spain road trip in the Southwest of the province of A Coruña, you can pass this mountain range and one of the interesting points in this place is its wildlife . It is home to many wild horses that are wandering around the green parts of the mountain.
Also at the top of this mountain, you can find a full range of ancient settlements, funerary monuments, and preserved mammals.
In this mountain, there are many good hotels to stay in and traditional restaurants, which mostly served Tapas.