North west Spain

Spain is not just Barcelona and Mallorca, in the North West Spain there is a lot to do and see and is one of the best starting point for you Spain road trip. This area is known as green Spain and the areas Galicia and Asturias is very different from rest of Spain. In North West of Spain, you can visit a range of cathedrals, churches; museum and historic districts as well as you have opportunities to have self-drive tour in coastline and country tour.
There are three zones in North West of Spain: Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria. Galicia is a historic part of Spain and is final destination of pilgrim of Cathedral Santiago de Compo stela and arriving point for most pilgrims is the main square. In Austrias you can dined many Coastline Mountains and religious landscape and in Oviedo, which is one of the city in this area, you can find Santiago de Compostela as a momentous listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Finally Cantabria region on Spain's north coast known as cave paintings and city of Santander.


santander north west spain
Santander is a capital of Cantabria region and is famous for its beaches and the main attraction of this city in North West of Spain’s Bay of Biscay. Bay of Biscay is covered with trees, meadows and parks and is home of number of attraction. Also, Playa el Sardinero is one of the most beautiful beaches and platje in this city. This city in North West of Spain has a one of the main airport in northern Spain and could be good start for your Spain road trip and fly and drive travel packages.


Galicia north west spain
Do not forget to spend time Galicia, in yourself drive tour in North West Spain. Galicia has a large number of beaches, hills and landscape and it good to go thought them in your flu drive holidays. Roaman building and natural parks (like Galicia national park) are a lot in this area and you can enjoy much more with Galician foods. In Galicia, also there is many vineyards. Wine is a fundamental part of this region and there is so many wine routes in this area, which you can visit during your Spain road trip. In Galicia, there are different festivals that is being held over 4000. The best ones is Holy week in March/April, Santiago de Compostela in July.

Picos De Europa

In North West Spain, you have Picos De Europa and its national park around it, which is worth to visit and wandering through. In this national park, you can take a track to visit very beautiful nature of this national park by your car and enjoy wandering in untouched nature of this area. Also, Picos de Europe is one the mountain ranges in Spain and snow is possible in this mountain.

O Grove

O Grove north west spain
Also in North West Spain, there are some medieval villages, which is worth to take route in your self-drive tour in Spain. Cambados famous for its spectacular white wine , Finisterre as an an ancient port and with great fishing industry , Pontedeume famous for its farming activity and as remarkable market town , O Grove as a fishing village and with beautiful water and coastline and Baiona with a lot of history are the best villages in area .
It is also good to know that the North West Spain has a route for Camino de Santiago and it is famous for its north road. The Camino de Santiago Del Norte is a pilgrimage route with 8 stages and 19 location, 295 point of interest, along the Asturian-Galician coast whose origin dates back to the ninth century.

From Which Airport Are You Going to North West ? Barcelona ?

Thanks to the one of the main airports in Spain which is located in Barcelona (El Prat) with handling of more than 52 million passengers per year . Barcelona Airport could be one of the main access way to other north west of spain with connecting flights and if you are coming to this airport and have enough time between your connecting flights , don’t forget that you can have some tours starting / ending from airport and you should not just play with your phone in airport .
Maybe the best idea would be to have Montserrat Tour From Airport which could be done between 4 to 5 hours and you would visit one the main attractions of Barcelona.
Montserrat is mountain and monastery which is dated back to 1025 . Apart from the monastery, the mountain is unique in the world because of its kind of jagged mountain with special rock formation. This mountain even in the all days of the winter is busy and one of the top 5 attractions in Barcelona
Montserrat Day Trip From Airport with pickup
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